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the meaning of death

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University of Toronto St. George
Donald Ainslie

Bioethics Reading & Lecture October 20 th The meaning of death Death is nothing to us once it is appreciated that the mind has a mortal nature When we will no longer exist following the severing of the soul and body, nothing will be able to affect us and to stir our sensation Even if the nature of our mind and power of our spirit do not have sensation after theyre torn from our bodies, that is still nothing to us who are constituted by the conjunction of body and spirit Suppose that after our death, time will bring our matter back together and reconstitute it in its present arrangement, and the light of life will be restored to us But our selves which existed in the past dont concern us now If you look back in time and reflect how primary particles which we now consist of have often been rearranged in the same order; yet our minds cannot remember it If there is going to be unhappiness and suffering, the person must also himself exist at that same time, for the evil to be able to befall him When immortal death snatches away a mortal life, it is no different from never having been born When you see a man resent the prospect of his body being buried and rotting after death, or being destroyed in a fire, ? Instead of completely stripping himself of life, he is unconsciously making some bit of himself survive When anybody in life imagines that in death the birds and beasts will rip his body up, he pities himself He does not distinguish himself from it or adequately detach himself from the Lecture Death An infant sometimes lacks a self-awareness As you mature, you become to recognize and understand your position we realize we have a life and that we will die Abortion discussion was also about death in a way: the death of the
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