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Donald Ainslie

Lec 03 - September 19 Thompson part 1 of 2 Thompson on the Right to Bodily Integrity - was a famous philer - Dips into our intuitions - Develop what the core of his article is - how we should make of this as a feature of our nature - abortion PopesArgument: - the core thought is that fetus are best understood using the more concepts we us when thinkinga about one another - killing one and other is just as wrong as killing fetus’(first argument) - 2 arguments that run together and need to be disentangled - 1. Fetuses are (innocent) persons - 2. Therefore it is wrong to kill fetus’On the notions of the sanctity of life, its an attack on god as he is the source of life - there are 2 ways to attack an argument - Are the premises true? - Attacking its reasoning? Weather or not they are true, it doesnt follow the conclusion This is why Thompson is doing, he says, he accepts his opponents premise, she doesn't think its true, but none the less she accepts it, but it none the less follows that sometimes abortion is promenade - killing means 2 things - The intentional killing - The causing of the death of something, and unwanted side effect of death of -- i.e.Abor- tion is sometimes permissible - She is accepting both premises and what premise 1 amounts too -- what it means to kill Defensible Killings: - self-defense: - There has to be proportion in self dense , when its my life or yours - The goal isnt to kill but to stop the attack and the only way to stop the attack is to kill and its an unfortunate side effect - unfortunate but legitimate - War: - It can be understood as a just killing - you are on side of the govt, may not be just but what can u do .. - Captital Punishment: - If you have done an un defendable crime then you should give your like - There is the question of the innocence of people - Intuitional threats: - Have to kill even if the person u are killing is not even at fault for being in that situation - Ie someone kidnaped and has a bomb strapped to him and will be shot if doenst go into the school and kill everyone else - The goal is to cause the death to avoid the threat - The only way to stop them is to kill them Lec 03 - September 19 Thompson part 1 of 2 Thompson Violinist thought experiment - get clear on our intuitions - You are kidnapped by the Society of Music Lovers so that your body can be used to support the medical needs of the violinist for a period of time (9 months, 9 years, forever, one hour, one minute). - Would it be okay to remove the tubs and detach ??? How is the kidnapped person relation to the violinist like the or unlike a pregnant womans rela- tion to the fetus? - the dependency of you for both - The vio is a stanger where as the fetus is a person like you for me (but this misses out on the idea that the fetus is the coming into being) - Vio after 9 months nothing to do with u -- preg after 9 months you have a child for the rest of your life 4 stages in the argument 1. The permissibility of abortion when the preg would cause the death of the mom - the vio cause, you wont survive this 9 month and the vio will continue on 2. Permissibility of abolition in the cause of rape - someone who takes your body against your will to sustain a life in the cause of the vio 3. Permissibly of abortion is cases of the contraceptive failure 4. Permissibility of abortion in other cases? Stage 1: Her life OR the fetus - new analogy: the rapidly growing infant in the house and its going to crush you to death if you dont do something, if you dont kill it you will die - Is it legit to kill the infant in this case? - What the intuition of this? - The justified killing the infant in this situation - 2 innocent parities - The life of one inquires the death of the other - JJT says each is permited
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