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Donald Ainslie

Lec 04 - Sept 21 continued … Part II Thomson on the Right to Bodily Integrity - she starts by accepting her opponents premise that a fetus is a human - 1st argument that we are creatures with rights - There is something right in this positions but the term rights is not the right vocab for this -- rights doesn't being in the bioethics of everyday life The 4 stage arguments 1st - In this cases it acceptable to kill the fetus be them the mother has the right to her body against the fetus - property right of the body argument - own it and have the right to do what u want with it She makes an assumption-we only get these resp i.e. Of a child when we want that resp and ac- cept it STAGE 2: PREG FROM RAPE - its not the case that someone has to die, the women has been violated but is its not their fault - In this case no one has to die, the fetus has the rigtht to life and mother has the rught to her body but the life trumps the right to control her body What is the right to life? a. The right not to be killed • followed form our original rights: our right against everyone to our body. Generally, no one can put a bullet or a knife in it • But abortion involves causing the death of fetus inadvertly (in removing it from womb), • Its not clear that this rules out abortion - the killing and the removing of it from the womb which inadvertly kills its • The violinists idea: you can turn and shot the vio but u can remove yourself from it and if it dies or lives u cant deal with it anymore • If the fetuas after the abortion is still alive you cant kill it • If the only way to remove the vio form u would be to cut them up into little pieces then you would be intitled to do that not as a means to the vio end but in means to control of your body • On this argument then it moves into the arguments in relations to methods of abortion • But because she doesnt hold this premise, then it doesnt hold on her final view that killing the fetus is wrong -- she is only holding giving the opponents their strongest premise b. The right to what you need to continue living? • against whom? other members of society? when did they permit you to have a right to something of theirs (e.g. their money, or food, or shelter)? • Henry Fonda example-- what society owes other citizens c. The right against everyone else that they not cause your death? • they need not provide you with anything you need, but they cannot, say, poison your food or infect you with a terrible virus what if your not dying
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