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University of Toronto St. George
Donald Ainslie

BIOETHICS PHL281H1F Fall 2013 Lecture: MW 1-2; Room: OI G162 Instructor: T. J. Berry Office: JHB 411 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: F 11-12 and by appointment Tutorial leaders: Renata Axler, Jason DeRoche, Eric Mathison, Ljiljana Stanic COURSE DESCRIPTION Written more than 2300 years ago, the Hippocratic Oath is often cited as the fundamental document of medical ethics. Given the developments in medicine and ethics in the last 100 years, however, does the Hippocratic Oath still provide adequate guidance? In this course, we’ll evaluate the basic tenets of the Oath to pin down the first principles of bioethics. TEXTS All reading materials are available on the course Blackboard site. READING SCHEDULE I. Cultural Relativism: “I swear by Apollo Physician...” (9, 11 Sept) The Hippocratic Oath Martha Nussbaum, “Human Capabilities, Female Human Beings” Helen Epstein, “God and the Fight Against AIDS” II. Ethical Theory: “In purity and holiness I will art.” A. Rule-Utilitarianism and Kantianism (16, 18 Sept) John Stuart Mill, “What Utilitarianism Is” Immanuel Kant, “The Categorical Imperative” Arthur Caplan, “Can Applied Ethics be Effective in Health Care and Should it Strive to Be?” David Boonin, “The Method” III. The First Principle(s) of Medical Ethics: “I will come for the benefit of the sick...” A. The Principle of Beneficence and Paternalism (23, 25 Sept) AMA, “Principles of Medical Ethics (1980)” Mack Lipkin, “On Lying to Patients” Sissela Bok, “Lies to the Sick and Dying” Jane Zembaty, “A Limited Defense of Paternalism in Medicine” B. The Principle of Autonomy and Informed Consent (30 Sept, 2 Oct) Canterbury v. Spence: Judge Spottswood W. Robinson III, “Majority Opinion” IV. Confidentiality: “What I may see in the course of the treatment...I will keep to myself” (7 Oct) Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California: Tobriner, “Majority Opinion”; Clark, “Dissent” 2 MIDTERM EXAM IN CLASS ON 9 OCTOBER THANKSGIVING – UNIVERSITY CLOSED ON 14 OCTOBER V. Abortion: “I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.” A. Human Beings and Persons (16 Oct) John T. Noonan Jr., “An Almost Absolute Value in History” Mary Anne Warren, “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion” B. The Wrongness of Killing (21, 23 Oct) Don Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral” ESSAY DUE AT TUTORIAL ON 1 NOVEMBER C. Good Samaritanism and the Violinist (28, 30 Oct) Judith Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion” D. Objections to Thomson (4, 6 Nov) David Boonin, “The Duty to Save the Violinist” FALL BREAK: NO LECTURE ON 11 NOVEMBER VI. Bringing death about: “I wi
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