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Film pHL285 March 18 2013To make images move would be to create a medium closer to our experience of the world itself notion of cinemaPage 236BazinMyth of total cinemaIts a myth in a guiding narrative sense we could take all these elements of reproduction and by putting them together create an alternative realitysound and image were available the only trick was to put them together In a way these mythologists of cinema were after Gesamtkunstwerk the total artworkopera put togethersound in the form of music the myth was that we desired as external world but only with technology we could achieve it The world vievedcarell vs photograph theatrethe important thing about the image is what it cuts out when we speak of composition in photography its not often the photographer arranging things and then taking photos but you are capturing something within a frame The imp thing is everything that is kept out so that the frame captures what you want photography is epistomoglogically the same film wants to create a world that you c
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