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Week 1 September-11-13 9:17 AM Intro  As we move down from metaethics to business ethics it becomes more applied then fundamental  Ethics: a question that is more applied  Moral Philosophy: a question that is more fundamental, it is a general question Normative vs. Descriptive o Descriptive: what things are - ultimately the answer will be either true or false by looking in the world o Normative: what things ought to be - ex. what is happiness- it is much harder to validate what is right or wrong o Business ethics= normative discipline- trying to establish what is right or wrong regarding business ethics o some ethical questions like firing someone is both a normative and descriptive discipline- ex. is it morally right to fire someone and looking at reports, hours, work habits the employee has Business Ethics  Is the definition of the meaning of ethical business- ethical as in good  The study through the normative issues in commerce- business ethics as in an economic discipline Topics in Business Ethics  Relationship with employees  Globalization  Sales and Marketing  Roles in society- capacity to do things with or without positions in the workforce History of
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