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The rationalists Lecture- Feb 29.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Gombay

The rationalists LectureFebruary 28 2012Part 2 of the foundationsDuty in terms of imperativesI shall not make false promises I shall help the needyI have a duty to develop my talents to the utmostNegative duties not to commit suicide or not to make false promisesHelping the needyIf you have a duty and the duty is to someone someone has a rightIf your duty is not to make a false promise the person you have a promise to has a right that you dont make a false promiseRight corresponds to dutyIf you have a duty to give to a beggar they dont really have a right to your money so its a duty without a corresponding right imperfect duties duty to which doesnt correspond the right of the person towards who you have a duty toIf you have a duty not to commit suicide and the duty is to yourself you dont really want to say you have a right against yourself to not commit suicide in that sense they are imperfect dutiesIn the case of the Jews being hid in your house
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