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Andre Gombay

The Rationalists LectureMarch 13 2012Notion of point of viewTwo points of view from which he can regard himselfReconciles determinism and freedom we can each look at ourselves from two points of viewIf we look at ourselves from one point of view we can see ourselves as free from another point of view we can see our behaviour determined from the laws of naturePerspectivism we can look at ourselves from two perspectivesEx from one perspective we can see the sun as travelling on the other we know the sun doesnt move and is immobileYou can look at the same thing in two ways like the sun exampleFor kant both points of view are correctConcept of freedom is the key explanation to the autonomy of the worldNotion of freedom free willSpinozaNo such thing as free willDecisions to do something is determined by a cause and that was determined by a cause and so on to infinityAll men are born ignorant of the causes of thingsThe notion of free wil
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