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PHL340thFebruary 26 Lecture 11The Turing TestDecomposition and SimulationPutnam no organism capable of feeling can be decomposed into parts that separately feel pain and similarly for other mental statesonot a statement of facts but a statement of rules in playing the game in analyzingothe mental capabilities of the parts must be simpler than that of the wholewe are composed of dumber parts which are in turn composed of dumber partsthe communication between these parts cannot be understood in terms that apply to usthe Chinese Room may be a decomposition of understanding in the above senseex you have a thing and you break it down into many steps and to do each step you dont need the higher complex ability of the thingoyou will perform the task of the higher ability but in order to perform any one of those steps you dont need the higher abilityosuppose that the simple steps are performed by someone who does understand what is going onadd this to the Chinese Roomsuppose that the person in the Chinese Room actually does understand the characters that are passed
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