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PHL340thFeb 24Lecture 10Representerswordssentencesotypesotokensthey have 2 semantic properties in commono1 none of them represent whatotype is the property of designating the same thingis a sentence a material objectonoif its a type a type is an abstract objectoyesif its a token a token can be a material object or an entityoa spoken sound can be a sentence Heilsentence are concreteothey are tokens not typesthey stand in for propositions in the material worldoif you want to get a material sense of a proposition then what you use for that is a sentenceosuppose I could communicate with you immaterially telepathy then in that world maybe I dont need sentencesobut if Im doing this in the real world I need sentencesbut why sentenceswhat about gestureslargely due to Chomskythe full range of communication that we use needs compositionalityI should be able to talk about two different things in the same contextoa language in which the blocks are put together in rule governed waysothe argument is sentences are grammatical entities they can be decomposed into their parts in an orderly wayothe full communicative power that we have as human beings is that we use those rule governed entities to stand for propositionsthoughts are meaningful becausethoughts express propositionsowhat is a proposition how the world can benot how the world issomething that can be true or false
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