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Mohan Matthen

PHL340rdMarch 3Lecture 12Machines and Semanticswhat is it that makes this writing on this pagePutinrepresent Putinowhy does Putin the letters on the page represent Putin the personit says that he is baptized that we are respecting his parents wishes and calling him Putin etcoall of these things requireappeal to mental statesHeil on Machine Semanticssuppose someone programs computing machines to keep inventory in a supermarketthe program keeps track of bananas cans of soup and cartons of milkyou might imagine the same program could keep track of items in a hardware storein this case the decide would process and store information about nails glue and ant trapsyou might even imagine that the very same symbols the very same pattern of magnetic deflections that in the supermarket case represent bananas etc represent in this machine nails etcthe question is what gives a symbol manipulated by a computing machine its meaning what makes it designate cartons of milk rather than ant trapsoHume its arbitrary but agreement is importantofrom one occurrence of a token to the next it doesnt matter what arbitrary symbol is used as long as it is consistent each timeSemantic Engineshow we will ask the same questions but in the context of semantic enginesconsider the program by which we do arithmeticoin the successor function Sxx1othe addition rule states a0a aSsaxPerceptual Systemswe can think of perceptual systems as symbolic systemsoa particular state of the colour vision system is a tokening of red at place pwhat makes it the case that a particular state of the colour vision system R is a tokening of red at place p rather than say orange is at place pone answer R is tokened when red is at pEvolutionary Functionswe can attribute functions by history67tytyoF is the function of X if X is there because it did F
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