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PHL373H Issues in Environmental Philosophy

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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Monday January 9 2011Environmental EthicsProf I StefanovicPHL373H1SIssues in Environmental EthicsWeek 1 Introduction1Introductions and WelcomeWe will probably be changing rooms we kind of have a room in Emmanuel College on holdProfs bias continental thought Heidegger is her focusHas always done interdisciplinary workultimately we need to make philosophy useful in the world2Environmental Ethics and Traditional Philosophymost of us do not have the prerequisites so there will be a little background and recommended readings to prepare you for the courseit involves ethical Extensionalism but also include sentient beings eg ecosystems rocks etcfield broadens what counts under the umbrella of moral considerabilityyou can still remain win anthropocentrism but on the other endquestioning anthropocentrismif you do not have PHL273 readJoseph Desjardins Environmental EthicsIndividualism and Holism an uneasy allianceyou will hear things like holistic thoughtwhen values are assigned it is to something specificusually an individualwe are trying to maximize the goodaggregateecology tells us that there is something greater than the sum of its partswhat does it mean to value a speciesin this course you dont have to chose individualism or holismthat may not be the right questionit raises the question of what it means to think holisticallyWestern paradigms brought into questiontraditional thoughts of consumerismlots of questions about wisdom of simply absorbing the idea of consumerismenvironmental ethics questions some of the qualification methods of learningthere is room for other kinds of knowledge aboriginal knowledgetraditional ecological knowledge TEK is now being integrated into science in Canada since the government recognized itsome of these methods are allowedthere are diverse ways of knowingyou will find some overlap Interdisciplinaryadditional perspectives are always welcomethere is a level of tolerance and openmindedness that is required3Continental PhilosophyBritish Analyticrefers to the thinkers who came to the continent
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