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University of Toronto St. George
Christine Burton

KRAUT  Aims to establish a connection between well-being and flourishing  What we understand by flourishing is for someone to properly develop and exercise the capacities, potentialities, faculties that one naturally has from early life  Developmentalist view: well-being consists in this definition of flourishing  Kraut aims to make developmentalism a composite theory by joining the definition of well- being with taking pleasure in developing these capacities *Taking pleasure in this is a necessary condition for well-being for Kraut Types of Capabilities Types of Capabilities What specific In what does In what doesn't capabilities belong flourishing consist for flourishing consist? here? this type of capability? Sensory Sight, sound, hearing, Taking pleasure in Deterioration or loss of taste, smell, touch activities such as one's senses; unpleasant cooking, listening to sensations music, viewing art... Affective Experiencing a wide Falling in love (with Too many negative range of emotions someone worthy of emotions; anything that being loved); NB: Kraut deteriorates or impedes thinks there is an ability to feel emotion objective standard for objects of emotion Social Forming relationships of Marriage, social Inability to engage in different sorts situations, friendships... relationships Cognitive Seeking and acquiring Academic study, certain Inability to do these knowledge, reflecting, games and activities... things, as the results of contemplating, diseases, etc... imagining, deliberating... Physical Moving, reproducing, Athletic activities, etc Anything that limitis or digesting, nourishing... deteriorates these capabilities; inactivity NB: Capabilities=components in which well-being consists Activit
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