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Lecture 1- Realism and Pacifism Sept 10 2009?

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University of Toronto St. George
Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality Lecture #1: Realism and Pacifism Sept, 10th, 2009 Ius ad Bellum (Resort to War) ius: right, ad: concerning, bellum: war Ius in Bello (means of fighting war) just cause does not necessarily equal a just war Realism no act in war is morally wrong moral concepts dont apply to war all is fair in love and war you cannot act wrongly in war and concepts of fairness does not apply this is a negative thesis positive thesis: in war time nations and individuals fighting for nations should look out only for themselves if that is the case there is no room for moral wrongright better called scepticismnihilism 2 views about nihilism (based on egoism) everyone should pursue their own self interest global nihilism about morality alls fair in love and war cause alls fair everywhere there is no morality specific nihilism about war moral concepts apply to other concepts in life but war is a special concept in which moral concepts does not apply Walter pg. 3 wa
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