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Lecture 5

LEC5- Just War Overview-Competent Authority-Right Intention Sept 24 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC5: Just War OverviewCompetent AuthorityRight Intention Sept, 24th, 2009 Proportionality defence against aggression McKina: pg. 386 self defence almost always justifies aggression applies proportionality mainly to offensives wars ie. Economic Just cause (think of Canadian company in Brazil) sometimes during risk period of nuclear war, there might be an argument against the defence of aggression to prevent the nuclear war Last Resort McKina: pg. 387 war is clearly pointless if the ends can be obtained by less painful means ends are the goods of the JC Bishops: pg. 100 for resort to war to be justified, all peaceful alternatives must be exhausted this condition can be applied subjectively or objectively when you apply Last Resort principle, you must also take into account the IJC and CJC (ie. deterrence) Waltzer you can never take Last Resort seriously, there is always something else you can do Objection: LR should be taken as weighting the extra benefits of war to the extra benefits of not war. Sometimes the alternatives to war have costs and will add to the destruction of the inevitable war. this is a comparative version of proportion
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