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Lecture 6

LEC6 – Just Cause Sept 29 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC6 Just Cause Sept, 29th, 2009 Ius in Bello Proportionality individual act of war is permissible iff the damage it will cost is not disproportionate to the good it will yield CB: pg. 103 when confronting choices.... to destroy civilization.... M: pg. 389 doctrine of double effect the good achieved must be incidental to the evil the harm the military costs must not be out of proportion to the good yielded M: pg. 390 violated proportionality even if we aimed at military complex in the Hiroshima case bc we will have unproportional harm how much proportional harm we are allowed to cause depends on the seriousness of the aims of the war Necessity the harm must not be excessive to the benefit if there are 2 ways in which you can achieve your goals and one is less destructive that the other, than you should choose the less destructive mean ie. if there is a bridge and it has military advantage for you to bomb it, and you can bomb it either during the day (many civilian causalities), or you can bomb during ni
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