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Lecture 8

LEC8 – Preventive and Preemptive War Oct 6 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC8 Preventive & Preemptive War Oct, 6th, 2009 Iraq War rhetoric as preventive war better rhetoric would have been to argue war in 2003 as the continuation of the Gulf War and US pursuing the CJC of disarmament of Iraq (WMD) but even if that were the case, there may be a proportionality issue even if they had a JC, last resort is not an issue, because they tried everything (UN inspectors etc) CJC: humanitarian, links to Al Quaeda, spread of democracy these all depend on changing the government, hence these should only be permitted had changing the government been a IJC Legalist Paradigm war is justified only when there is aggression read strictly this requires only when there is actual aggression Waltzer thinks this is too restrictive Pre-emptive War vs Preventive War preventive war: avert future threat pre-emptive war: imminent threat the different bw the two is of degree and not kind McMan: pg. 170 distinction bw preventive & pre-emptive Waltzer:
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