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LEC 12 – Proportionality and Necessity Oct 20 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War and Morality LEC 12 Proportionality & Necessity Oct, 20th, 2009 Proportionality original geneva convention talked about how to treat soldiers, war etc. additional. protocol 1: laws regarding conducts of war about civilian Hurka: consequence conditions are the 5 jus ad bellum conditions not consequentialist conditions bc they do not do weighting of total harm vs. benefits Gulf War in 1991 gulf war, some ppl critisize war bc it would be disproportionate b.c it was likely to do massive environmental damage in Gulf region turn into big middle eastern conflict Kuwait was not very important US senator describe Gulf War as small disturbance in a distance part of the world, enough to justify sanctions but not military action Afghanistan last resort: ppl worry this has not been reached we should continue to pursue individuals who did criminal act as opposed to overthrowing government disproportionate lots of aerial bombardment and lots of afghan civilians were killed there were only 3000 people killed but we killed more than 3000 people in afghanistan this is the wrong compar
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