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Lecture 13

LEC13 – Proportionality and Necessity Oct 22 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War and Morality LEC13 Proportionality & Necessity Oct, 22nd, 2009 Economic Benefits of War in order to end depression, it is the the process of trying to get the JC that ends the depression, and not the JC itself Suppose Iraq had invaded several oil producing countries for no apparent reason, and after this it puts a monopoly on oil and increase the world oil price, should we go to war with Iraq, and what are the relevant benefits, does economic benefit count as a relevant benefit? in the Iraq hypothetical case, it is the JC that achieves the economic benefits, hence this should be counted in favour of the war in proportionality weighting, only the benefits which are causally downstream from the JC are counted and not benefits derived from the process of achieving the JC in the Oslo peace agreement case, we also should not use that in proportionality bc the agreement came about through the process of achieving the JC and not expelling Sadam himself if by outsting Sadam, we have less suicide bombers bc the government is no longer paying for bombers families. This should count as a relevant good, bc the goods are causally downstream from the achieving the JC Proportionality Hurka: the in bello proportionality condition is weighted based on how important the ad bellum condition of JC is this is direct contrast to Waltzers view, and says that jus ad bellum and jus in bello are not distinct entities, in bello depends on ad bellum thus a war can only be fought just if it had a just cause to begin with
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