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Lecture 16

LEC16 – Discrimination Nov 3 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Tom Hurka

PHL378: War and Morality LEC16 Discrimination Nov, 3rd, 2009 Waltzer combatants are moral targets and non-combatants are not this is bc while everyone started off with rights to not be killed some ppl lost their rights soldiers lose right to be killed but also gain right to kill other soldiers but moral status of civilians do not change boxer analogy pg. 135 soldiers can only lose their rights through some act of their own during war time pg. 136: one act is by fighting (threatening the other side) materially non-innocent vs. morally non-innocent materially: posing physical threat; even conscripts are materially non-innocent morally: no material threat, but morally guilty traditional view holds pg. 145 soldiers are liable to be killed bc they volunteer, and they are materially non-innocent McMann denies that soldiers on both sides are morally equal legitimate targets are only unjust side and not just side (soldiers) pg.1: challange jus in bello is independent of jus ad bellum pg.28-29: in bello proportionality relevant goods has to be the goods from the just causes, hence the unjust side by virtue of not having a just cause, cannot have the relevant goods to be used in proportionality soldiers fighting on just side are permitted to kill soldiers on the
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