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Lecture 17

LEC17 – Discrimination Nov 5 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC17 Discrimination Nov, 5th, 2009 Traditional View (Waltzer) 1. moral equality of soldiers, soldiers just and unjust side are both morally permitted to kill each other 2. all legitimate targets are equally permissible targets no differences in degree of liability 3. no civilians are permitted McMann 1. only soldiers on just side are permitted to kill soldiers on the other side, the unjust side may be excused but not permitted ex. of inidividual self defence, you cannot use you initiation of aggression as a justification of self defence if the other party retaliates soldiers are liable if they are freely performing actions that contribute to an unjust threat (morally responsible) ie. hunting case and twin 2. Moral responsibility comes in degrees, voluntary vs. conscript. Hence, you should fight veterans rather than conscripts even if you have more risk. When you fight conscript, you have to restrained tactics, where as if you fought veterans you do not have to restrain. Waltzer responds by using a pragmatic example how can McMann tell the soldiers to fight the harder veterans when they can win the war by fighting the conscripts. 3. Some civilians can be liable to be killed because they can be responsible for the unjust threat. ex. initiator & battery and implacable pursuers sometimes it is more preferable to kill civilians than soldiers non-combatants are morally liable, bu
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