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LEC19 – Counter Terror Nov 17 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War & Morality LEC19 Counter Terror Nov, 17th, 2009 differ from normal combat and insurgency in that it targets civilians Lacky pg. 85 state terrorism: use by governments for intimidation, Iraq Government sub state terrorism: Al Quaeda, IRA the purpose of terrorism is to spread terror by attacking some ppl. to achieve a political purpose Waltzer: pg. 3 terrorism can also have no political purpose random and innocent killing are the crucial to terrorist attacks in the article he said terrorists has to be random, but in the book he called certain groups as terrorists who does not do random killing (code of honour) pg. 198-203 Russian terrorists who kill officials but not civilians IRA Stern Gang, assassinates official from Britain, but do not shoot the police JWT will condemn terrorisms, as soldiers are not permitted to target civilians, thus civilians will have even less right to attack civilians pg. ppl fighting for Independence of Algeria terrorist violence (killing oppressor) is necessary for psychological liberation Waltzer objection: is the ratio for oppressor and oppressed 1:1 if that is not the case, does that
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