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LEC22 – Supreme Emergency Nov 26 2009

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Tom Hurka

PHL378: War and Morality LEC22 Supreme Emergency Nov, 26th, 2009 Bombing of Hiroshima Truman cites the bomb of Hiroshima based on number of ppl saved compared to how many civilian killed it is not justified to bomb Hiroshima to save 2 soldiers and kill 1 civilian this is bc the ratio is way to small (proportionality) soldiers and civilians lives are not equal Land Invasion as opposed to Nuclear bomb in land invasion, there would be lots of damage infrastructure because there was no infrastructure destroyed Japan was able to recover economically faster this is a support for dropping bomb on Hiroshima lots of civilians would have been killed in a land invasion as collateral damage Nuclear weapon vs. Conventional Weapon Nuclear weapon: always indiscriminate Convention weapon: can be indiscriminate Dual Use Facilities used by both military and civilian ie. electric generating plant that supports the military and civilian ie. bridges, radio stations we have to apply doctrine of double effect then do proportionality assessment ie. Are w
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