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LEC23 - Nuclear Deterrance Dec 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Tom Hurka

PHL 378 F2009 WEEK THIRTEEN CLASS ONE review plus exam discussion on Thursday; essays OK on Friday, leave in my dropbox topic is nuclear deterrence, which will connect with Walzer on supreme emergency mutual assured destruction: each side threatens to annihilate the others cities if the other launches a first nuclear strike; assumes survivability of second-strike forces, especially on submarines; stability of system, with only proxy wars between two powers; led to ABM treaty of 1970s, which was threatened by what? Reagans Star Wars, revived by Bush II also counterforce vs. countervalue; objections to first that it might encourage belief in successful first strike, so continued preference for stability of MAD; issue of intermediate missiles in Europe, given credibility of nuclear deterrent to Soviet land invasion; these missiles as ultimately leading to nuclear reductions and end of Cold War BUT this very stable MAD requires threat to annihilate enemy civilian centres after first strike, and everyone agrees this would be grossly immoral; first, it involves violation of discrimination, because it targets civilians, and on a massive scale; second, in the event of a first strike, a retaliatory second strike would do no good; it would just be more devastation on top of devastation and certainly couldnt stop your citizens from being killed; Walzer 269, 275, 282, Lackey 119; and surely right; BUT if deterrence works, theres no
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