PHL100Y1 Lecture Notes - Strong Focusing

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5 Feb 2013

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The Republic Book 5
- in some sense, the basic answer that Plato defends about justice: the reason
justice is desirable is to have a certain kind of psychological harmony that
keeps you doing good things even if you had the opportunity to do bad
- reason for delay to answer the three questions of justice: Plato is concerned
to do two things in detail:
1. most importantly, what part of your soul it is to allow reason to rule in
your soul which turns out to involve difficulty because not everyone has
reason ruling their soul
2. in order to show why having a harmonious soul makes you being a just
person, he must show why what a disharmonious soul looks like and why that
makes you unjust
- Glaucon's and Adeimantus' three waves of objection to Plato's radical
notions of an ideal society:
-the status of women and children in society - a radical view; Plato wants to
abolish the traditional family
-women are equal to men and should adopt social roles
-society should practice selective breeding: the state should
have legitimate interest in your appropriated sexual activities
-the only important difference is that women bear children and that they are
stronger and less strong - focusing on those differences are arbitrary
-these women have limited opportunities but when they are given
opportunities they exceed men in talent; differences are obliterated by
inventions of modern technology
-Plato thought it was ridiculous that men could own women
-you don't need a marriage system, you just need to make sure they have
kids and they are raised properly but how do you make sure of this?
-make sure that people have regular opportunities; this is a fraud because
the state has legitimate interests in having good citizens but if you want to
breed the best and brightest you must make sure they frolick together and by
doing this the lottery system is rigged which is where the eugenics system
comes in
-What about children? the principle of specialization; who should raise
children? those who are good at it and have a natural ability to do so
-proper behaviour in warfare by the auxiliaries
-how to bring the Feverish Society into existence
- Plato thinks you can derive important ethical principles from constructing an
ideal society
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