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9 Apr 2012

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On the Genealogy of mortality Nietzsche
First Treatise
- One
o English psychologists interesting
o Partie honteuse the English psychologists push this of our inner
world into the foreground and sek what is actually effective, leading,
decisive of our development and we all wish to find
- Two
o Lack historical spitir
o They think essentially ahistorically- no doubt
o Pathos of nobility and distance this feeling of a higeher ruling nature
in relation to a low ruling nature is the origin of the opposition of
good and bad
- Three
o Whatever has proved itself as uselful from time immemorial it may
this claim validity as valuable in the highest degree or valuable in
- Four
o The terms good all lead back to the same conceptual transformation-
everywhere is the basic concept of noble, aristocratic, etc.
o German word Scheldt- designated the plan common man
- Five
o Our problem- which can be called a quiet problem and only few
people know about it is of no small interst to discover that often in
those words that designated “good” skimmers through respect to
which the nobles felt themselves of a higher rank
- Six
o Not always an exception when the highest caste is at the same time
the priestly caste and hence prefers for its collective name a predicate
that recalls its priestly function
o Pure and impure are opposite
o The pure one is from the beginning a human who washes himself,
forbids himself from eating certain food that’s brings skin diseased
and who does not sleep with the dirty women of the baser people, he
also abhors blood
o With priests everything is more dangerous and they are arrogant,
they want revenge, excess, love, want to rule, virtue, disease
- Seven
o The priest caste and the warrior caste confront each other because of
jealousy and cannot agree
o The knightly aristocratic value judgments have a powerful physique,
blossoming health and everything that is required for its
preservation- war, adventure, hunt, dance, athletic contests and
everything that involves strong, free activity
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