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9 Apr 2012
Section 6
- no such thing as chance, ignorance if the real cause of any event has the same
influence on the understanding and begets a like species of belief or opinion
- probability that arises from a superiority of chances on any side
- seems evident that when the mind looks forward to discover the event which
may result from the throw of a die it considers the turning up of each
particular side as alike probable
- though we give preference to that which has been found most usual and
believe that this effect will exist we must not overlook the other effects but
must assign to each of them a particular weight and authority
Section 7
- mathematical science are always clear, smallest distinction is easy to see and
the same terms are expressive of the same ideas
- the advantages and disadvantages of the mathematical sciences compensate
each other
- if the mind can retain ideas of geometry it can understand more intricate
chain of reasoning
- moral ideas are obscure and confusing
- chief obstacle to our improvement in the moral or metaphysical sciences is
the obscurity of the ideas and ambiguity of terms
- difficulty of math is length of interferences
- no ideas in metaphysics that are more obscure or uncertain than power,
force, energy, necessary connexion
- all ideas are nothing but copies of our impressions or that it is impossible for
us to think of any thing which we have not felt with our senses
- when we look at external objects and consider the operation of causes we are
not able to discover any power which binds the effect to the cause
- we find that one does follow the other
- mind feels no sentiment or inward impression from this succession of objects
- from the first appearcance of an object we do not know the result from it
- if the power of something were conceivable by the mind we would know the
- no part of matter that does not discover power or energy or give us ground
to imagine
- scenes of universe are always shifting
- impossible for idea of power to be derives from contemplation of bodies in
single instances of their operations
- we are conscious of internal power while we feel that the simple command of
our wll we can move the organs of our body
- the energy bu which the will performs so extraordinary an operation of this
we are so far from being immediately conscious that it must for ever escape
our most diligent enquiry
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