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9 Apr 2012
Rawls Justice as fairness
- Principle of liberty
- hobbes says we all agree to lay down the rules to harm each other for our
own interest
- rawls- we all have equal basic liberty
- Principle of equality
o Equality of opportunity nobody will argue that different roles are
not permitted, people are different but the outcome of having those
positions must be the same and the opportunity to compete for these
positions have to be equal
o Difference principle
- The veil of ignorance
o Already established system where people understand how society
o People are behind the veil of ignorance because they don’t know their
position in the society
o Ex: you don’t know what your race is, your income, your ranking in
hierarchy etc
o Rawls argues that if our enemy chooses our position in society we
would make positions as equal as possible, so our enemy does not
have the option to choose an unfair position (think of the cake
example, you cut cake but your sister gets to choose, so cut cake
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