freud & psychoanalysis

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4 Mar 2011
Philosophy and Psychoanalysis Lecture
February 3, 2011
19 year old now:
19 year old girl example: she suffers from complicated neurosis and
there are two features to this; she engages in some kind of obsessional
behavior every night and she is agoraphobic [cannot bare to go out
alone onto the streets] and spends most of her time at home
She puts the pillows in a certain way and its important that the pillows
dont touch the wooden head of her bed
Symptomatic behavior: pillows away from bedhead
What makes this neurotic? If she doesnt do this, she begins to get very
anxious. She feels compelled to do it
If shes asked why shes doing it, she cant even reason it [irrational]
Its also repetitive- she does it every night, she has trouble falling
asleep and has to check again and again if they are not touching
When the 19 year old was four years old:
Did not display any of this behavior
She wanted to sleep between her parents
Pg. 331- she was afraid
She had a wish/desire that her parents not sleep together [oedipal
wish]- Freud would say that wish was repressed
As a result of the repression, there was a substitute wish
Going into her parents bed is a substitute satisfaction of the oedipal
The wish is unconscious, the substitute wish emerges instead of it, the
substitute wish is satisfied in a certain way
In the analogy of hunger, we use libido as the name of force
If you havent eaten for a while, something will develop in your body
that will lead you to behave in a certain way
Hunger also has a mental aspect
It moves you towards nutrition [energy]
Desire for food
Two aspects: somatic [nutrition] and mental
Has two aspects: somatic and mental [desire]
Desire for sexual pleasure
Libido as the name of the force of the sexual instinct
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