Intro Lectures March 10

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5 Apr 2011

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March 10, 2011
Exams are to be returned today
***Essay topic on Blackboard. Due in two weeks. 1800 words. No penalty for writing a bit more.
Connection between repression, melancholia and super-ego. There is one article. It is mentioned
in one of the chapters of the new lectures. Imagine that youre a journalist for the Globe and Mail
and you must write about this paper. Youre writing supposing the readers dont already know
about the subject. You need to explain. You dont have to give your opinion but you can. Write in
simple English as you would in the GandM. Make it as interesting as possible. You can if you
want, give your opinion.
Written 17 years after. During that time, Freud has changed his mind during this time. Lectures
31 and 32 are very important. Prof is going to talk about two articles that Freud wrote between
two sets of lectures. One is called Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
BTPP was motivated largely by the problem that occurred during and after the war. Freud called
this war neurosis. Soldiers often develop neurotic diseases. It was tended to be kept secret. It
became a big problem on both sides of the war during WWI and WWII. One of the names for
this isGulf War syndrome”. Sometimes it is calledWar Neurosis. The standard for this is Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is soldiers who have witnessed a very traumatic event and they keep
repeating this in their lives and in their dreams. Sometimes they have hallucinations when theyre
awake about this. They keep thinking about this. One would think that they would try to forget
and relive it all the time. There is a special problem for Freud. It is hard to think that how the
libido is involved and what is sexual about this. It was mentioned a couple of times in the intro
lectures. Its on page 340 of the Intro Lectures. Just after the war, they had a conference about
War Heroes. In 1920, Freud wrote this piece.
For a few months I lived in an apartment house. There was a couple with a little boy. As a small
baby, he had been brought up by his mother as a child. Afterwards, the mother went back to work
and so she wasnt always around. Mother brought him up without a servant. She left him and
someone else took care of him. Soon after, the little boy developed a weird game. He would
throw all of his toys way under his bed where he wouldnt be able to reach them. “Gone. He
developed another game and had a toy thrown under the bed with a string attached to it. He was
able to retrieve the toy with the string. He made a noise saying “back”. It could only mean that
when he was saying “gone the toy stood for the mother. When he developed this connective
game, pulling it back meant that his mother was back. The toy was a symbol for the mother and
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