Intro Lectures March 17

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5 Apr 2011
March 17, 2011
Lecture is not going to be very long.
Essay is due next week. It is not Ryan who is going to be grading it. It is going to be someone
Today has to do with the essay. We have four lectures left. Today is more about the superego and
next week there is a guest lecturer. They are lecturing aboutself-deception”. This will be given
by a PHD student from years ago. You might well say Repression is not so distant from self-
deception. This is next week. Prof will spend week after that talking about anxiety and guilt. Last
lecture is going to be about Freuds lecture of femininity. Exam questions will be given. Prof will
be grading all of the exams.
From the new INTRO lectures, Professor wants us to read 31, 32 and 33. Today he will be talking
about the dissection of the psychical personality. There should be no question about dreams in
the final exam.
Lets go back to the superego. There is this distinction between what Freud called the “ego
ideal mentioned briefly. In connection with narcissism. He now calls this the superego. He says
they’re the same thing but Prof wants to say no to it. In a sense, he has a much greyer picture of
the superego than he had of the ideal ego. By grey, Prof means that the ego ideal was an idea that
arose from the primary narcissism. This narcissism was turned into a sort of ego ideal because
narcissism involves love, love involves idealization. I am idealized and now I have an ideal ego.
This is a nice beautiful doctrine. I have aspired to be as good as the best. On the other hand,
down the road, the ego and the id and the superego there is the notion of something much more
punitive. The superego is not something that is aspired to but it is the eye that is looking at you at
the time. It is a personal notion.
Civilization and its Discontent overhead text. Aggressiveness is introgective. It is set back where
it came from and set back to ego. Taken by a portion by ego which sets itself over to rest of ego
as superego. Now in the form of conscience is ready to put to ego, same parts that satisfy. The
tension between the high superego and the ego is stored by us a sense of guilt. Its expressed by a
need of punishment. 172ish.
The superego is a form of conscience. It is ready to put into the same part of aggressiveness that
the ego would like to satisfy. The superego is aggressive. Its an aggressiveness. We are all
naturally aggressive. 1920’s Freud said that we have in us a death instinct. It is aggressiveness
with us and other. To control this, society redirects the aggression to ourselves.
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