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Freud and Femininity

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Andre Gombay

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April 6, 2011
Freud on Femininity
Last Class
Essays that have been handed in before today are being returned...
Please answer three questions. All of which are equal value.
1. Please explain Freuds notion of moral anxiety.
2. The whole theory of psychoanalysis is built up on the perception of the resistance
offered to us by the patient when we attempt to make his unconscious conscious to him.
(New Intro Lectures #31): please explain.
3. It can scarcely be owing to change that three of the masterpieces of the literature of all
time – the Oedipus Rex of Sophocles, Shakespeares Hamlet and Dostoevsky’s The
Brothers Karamazov – should deal with the same subject, parricide”. Please comment.
4. Do you agree with Freud that the substitute satisfaction of wishes can play a large part in
peoples lives? (ex. Dreams)
5. In what sense can we say that the unconscious is part of our mind?
Open two books. Both books can be brought to class.
TA for essays. Brian Embry. Office hours Monday at 9 and Tuesday at 9. Location TBA
Office Hours from 1-5 with Prof Gombay on Tuesday.
Pre 1920 Post 1920
Intro LecturesNew Intro Lectures
On NarcissismBeyond the Pleasure Principle (doctrine of the
death-wish). Notion of aggression towards
oneself and towards others.
Mourning and MelancholiaId and Ego
Guilt (Civilization and its Discontents)
Texts about women
Texts about women is late Freud. They begin after the 1920s.
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