PHL100Y1 Lecture : Introduction and Overview

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24 Apr 2011

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Consequences: the other forms of intellectual endeavor can tie back to philosophy, when it gets down to the nature of reality, e. g. physics, philosophers keep good, hard questions for themselves. Aristotle, studied by philosophers & mathematicians, branch of inquiry, tradition field of endeavor for philosophers: metaphysics: meta - beyond, studies the assumptions/foundations of physics, nature of reality, (what is there? what exists? what"s the nature of time?) : concerned with how we know what we know, and the grounds to justify why we believe it: philosophy of science: physics & biology. 4. philosophy of mind: consciousness & what it is, problem of other minds (how do you know everyone has a mind, what is it to think, can you built an artificial intelligence) : the philosophy of art (what is it that makes something a work of art)