PHL100Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Optical Illusion

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10 Aug 2016
Modern science explains away final causes
There are none in physics
In biology they can undergo action for function, but its there because it has the selective
advantage to be there
Hume's conception of belief
My ideas are controlled by my will, but my belief is made because I can't help but see
those things in front of me
Vividness is either necessary nor sufficient for belief
We don’t need vivid feelings to believe that Jesus was a Jew or Caesar a roman
Example we may react very vividly to what we believe to be not real like in a horror
Optical illusions make the wrong answer more vivid than the right answer which we
Belief does two things in our live
oThe practice of assertion and argument (in this guise its either on or off)
oThe practice of guiding action (here it tends to admit of degrees)
Sec. 7, necessary connection
What is the connection between cause and effect?
Strategy: as in the case of induction Hume first shows how we come to have the idea of
x and then shows how we come to have the idea of x in terms of the operations of the
mind itself
We cannot ever detect something which we can describe as causality itself
"it is impossible that the idea of power can be derived from the contemplation of bodies
in single instances of their operation"
Could the idea have come from myself?
Two ways it may come from internal impression"
oOur power to move; or out power to evoke ideas
oMoving: the union of mind and body is mysterious, so I have no idea how I do
these things. I cant even move all my organs !
oBasic actions are things that we just do, they cause other unconscious ones. How
did you push the switch? Well I just did!
Evoking of an idea: the power to think of something at will may seem at first sight
beyond the reach of any being less than infinite
Again we feel the connection but not the power
Anyway when we say that we have this power over our own mind we are exaggerating.
The command of the mind over itself is limited. Our power over our emotions is weaker
than that of our ideas and we have no idea why
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