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PHL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Stoicism, Logos, Epicureanism

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PHL200Y1: Sept.16,2010
Natural Philosophy + Rational Argument (two different strands)
Natural Philosophy was challenged by rational argument or ‘illiadics’
People who were less concerned with natural phenomenon and more with politics,
first people who were paid to teach and there teachings seemed valuable however
they taught things such as how to make a guilty person argue that he is not guilty
Aristophanes combines the two through Socrates in his play
Sophists + Orators-Arguing both sides of a question dissoi logoi
- Making weaker/worse argument appear stronger or better
-Protagoras c490-420
- Giogias b.c 490
The Apology (Platos version): Socrates begins by saying his accusers affected the jury but
he was almost carried away in spite of himself at how their power of persuasion, they
were not ashamed that they would be proven wrong immediately.goes on to state that he
has to begin with the first accusers, distinguishing the ways in which people have
characterised him throughout the years. Does this because these first accusers have
affected jurors since childhood with claims that he does not believe in the Gods.
Refer to page 24….cannot bring specific individuals who were his original accusers
What happens in the clouds is that Aristophanes takes Socrates and makes a composite
figure and engaged in natural philosophy
Note: Research Aristophanes Clouds
Chaerephon: Makes reference to Socrates research..crude humour in the plays
Rumour of Socrates not believing in gods were further reinforced when someone
claimed by the gods he swears he will pay the fee but Socrates responds what gods
for they are not legal tender to us…these clouds are what weve been calling gods,
these clouds are gods
Is Zeus not god, who rains, Socrates: the clouds…who thunders…clouds banging
oScientific explanation of things
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