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19 Mar 2012
LOGOS: any unit of intelligent discourse
- ELENCHOS: (trans: reputation/ critical examinations)
- EPAGOGE: a leading on, induction.
- Euthyprho is asked by Socrates to give him a LOGOS of piety.
- he responds by saying piety is doing what I’m doing (Euthyphro)
- Socrates wanted not an example of piety, but the form of piety by which we can judge
whether this is a pieus thing or not.
PARADEIGMA: a model, a standard by which you…
The meter stick I have “is” is used predatativly , like as a representation.
The “really’ one is used identitatively
AUTO Kafh auto
The Itself According to Itself.
3rd definition of piety at 9E – Euthyphro says wut is dear to all of the gods, is pious.
Piety is what it is; there is no reason for it, it is dear to the gods, because it is what it is.
Socrates says that it may be true that piety is wut is dear to all the gods, if it is dear to all
the gods, its called PATHOS . Being dear to all the gods, may be
PATHOS depends on the OUSIA not vice versa.
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