age of anxiety

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10 May 2012

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Lecure 1
Review of A10
If you can’t doubt it, then you don’t need faith to believe in itso the argument between doubt
and belief is that belief is the dialogue with what you believe and what you doubt
TM: you can’t belive in something if you can’t doubt about it
Beginning of the 20centrury and still prevalent now is the imbalance between ‘belief’ and
o More doubt than believe and that’s why people get lost and this age is called ‘the age of
anxiety ‘
o It’s also ‘the age of science’ Knowing is more important than believing
--knowing is decide what you need to do=doing ( right choice, decision making
and fact). <eg> what you do in a given choice
--believing is ‘who you are’=being <eg> is the choice you choose
You can do&undo, but you can’t be and unbe
o TM: what if what you do is not who you are
Doing is the upper brick on being, which is the essence
o So doing and being is equal to ‘existence and essence’
Existence is the experience of your being
So the existence can change based on you—you don’t see the vase the
same way at different tiem and space
Excistence is how you interpret what things mean to you
It is related to ‘identity’, where you identify yourself through time and
spaceso you experience (exist / identify) yourself , which is different
at different space and time.
Modern Art
o The poem is written to ‘be’ , not to you!!
Poems help you to find who you are , your essence
We don’t wannna read poetry cause we focus on ‘utility’, which is a theme of
the Modern Art age
o Utility
You are a tool, a skill
You give up who you are to cecome what someone needs you to be
speicalization in what you major=shaping
o The conflict between shaping (function) and existing (uniqueness)
o More shaping->less consideration->gap between ‘what you do’ and ‘who you are’
widens->harder to explore your existing
Essence and existence
o Ideology:
the imagined relationship to the actual existence
Who you think you are
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