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Lecture 3

PHL206H1 Lecture 3: Questions and Answers

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Deborah Black

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Lecture: Commentaries:
Disputed questions within the classroom themselves (Disputation)
Public disputed questions
Commentaries can be written in the form of disputed questions
Summa: Encyclopedia
Written in the form of disputed questions
External Structure of Disputation:
Reportatio: Student notes
Notes from masters' lectures
Copy by student called report
Become more common in late 13th century
o Not polished or edited
Examined report
o Student notes read through by master and can give approval
Ordinatio: Edited
Record of what master said but has been edited by the master
Disputation re-examined
More polished
Example Question
o Is the world eternal?
Yes: Objections and arguments
Islamic philosophers
This is not the author's own view but what the author will dispute (he is just laying down
the foundation)
o What the various positions are
No: On the contrary (Sed contra)
Not the author's view, just the possible contrary or refutation of the Yes
But only the things the author agrees with are presented
o Used as a literary genre
Body: Response/Reply/I Answer that: Determination
The author's own views
When the master comes in and gives his own input to the debate between the two disciples
Where you should go first
Responses to Objections
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