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Deborah Black

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cξ€€ξ€ξ€‚ξ€ƒξ€„ξ€…ξ€†ξ€‡ξ€ˆξ€ξ€‰ξ€Šξ€‹ξ€Œξ€ˆξ€ξ€‹ξ€Žξ€ξ€‹ξ€ξ€‰ξ€‘ξ€ˆcξ€’ξ€ξ€‘ξ€“ξ€”ξ€“ξ€•ξ€’ξ€–ξ€ˆ ξ€ˆ ξ€—ξ€‰ξ€˜ξ€™ξ€‰ξ€Œξ€–ξ€ˆξ€†ξ€ƒξ€Šξ€’ξ€šξ€ˆξ€‚ξ€ƒξ€†ξ€‚ξ€›ξ€ˆ
@VLater medieval period: 1150-1500
@V3ξ€€iversity of Paris: 1200, recogξ€€ized iξ€€ 1215
@V3ξ€€iversity of oxford: 1214
@V15-21 (studeξ€€t age raξ€€ge) graduate
@V0ead suma theologiae if u waξ€€t
@VGoξ€€aveξ€€ture-died 1274
@Vraξ€€sceξ€€deξ€€t art = techξ€€ical kξ€€owledge
@VYemiξ€€al reasoξ€€- stoics (taught through Augustiξ€€e)
@VΓ·atter is poiξ€€ted towards form
@VLateξ€€cy- all forms are actually iξ€€ matter just hiddeξ€€, pre-Yocratics, violates
priξ€€ciple of coξ€€tradictioξ€€
@VP+ξ€€otP caξ€€ξ€€ot exist
@Vècasioalism, god causes everythig o ³secodary" created causes, problem is
too little iξ€€depeξ€€deξ€€ce
@VAristotle- everythiξ€€g happeξ€€s without diviξ€€e help, problem too much
@VGoξ€€aveξ€€ture- semiξ€€al reasoξ€€s, matter is somethiξ€€g out of which a form takes
place -> semiξ€€al reasoξ€€s
@V[xemplarism (reasoξ€€s)
@Vrllumiξ€€atioξ€€- humaξ€€ kξ€€owledge
@VYemiξ€€al reasoξ€€s (stoics) - ξ€€atural causality
@VAll comes from Augustiξ€€e (like a traξ€€sitioξ€€)
@Vξ‚‘umaξ€€ kξ€€owledge acquired by abstractioξ€€
@VYtart with seξ€€se perceptioξ€€
@Vheξ€€ imagiξ€€atioξ€€- ability to store what is seξ€€sed
@VActive/ageξ€€t iξ€€tellect -> abstrakter
@VPassive/poteξ€€tial -> thiξ€€kiξ€€g reciever
@VAddiξ€€g illumiξ€€atioξ€€ oξ€€ top of abstractioξ€€
@VAbstractioξ€€ illumiξ€€atioξ€€ = certitude
@Vrllumiξ€€atioξ€€ is ξ€€ecessary + sufficieξ€€t for certitude (skepticism, elimiξ€€ates
@VΒ·ot ξ€€ecessary for certitude (meta physics, ageξ€€t iξ€€tellect -> abstractiξ€€g)
@VGoξ€€aveξ€€ture- ξ€€ecessary (coξ€€tuitioξ€€, seeiξ€€g uξ€€iversals iξ€€ your owξ€€ perceptioξ€€) ->
regulative priξ€€ciple; requires illumiξ€€atioξ€€
@VΒ·obility of kξ€€owledge (certitude), ξ€€eeds stable object, seξ€€ses start with thiξ€€gs
iξ€€plux, mistakes fallible-> we are
@VΓ₯igξ€€ity of the kξ€€owers, vestiges- all creatures, images- humaξ€€s
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