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Philosophy Lecture- June 18.doc

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Linda Hunter

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Philosophy Lecture
June 18, 2012
Reasoning based on two great principles: contradiction and
sufficient reason. When we come to know things, there are two
routes/ways in which we come to know these things.
oContradiction reasoning: when you can prove that if
something is inconceivable then you know that that thing is
oSufficient reason:
Two different kinds of truths: truths of reasoning and truths of
oTruths of reasoning: are necessary and their opposite is
impossible. Ex. laws of logic, math, God’s nature
oTruths of fact: contingent and their opposite is possible. Ex.
number of students in the class, it didn’t rain today
[because it could have rained today]
God faces a genuine choice when it comes to creation [it could
have been otherwise- he chooses for good reasons and once he
chooses, everything is settled and cant be changed]
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