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4 Apr 2012
Grading Policy:
1. Attendance and performance: 15% Based mainly on
your attendance record. EAS students please sit on
the left side of the classroom and sign on the
Pink Sheets; PHL students please sit on the right
side of the classroom and sign on the White
2. First in-class test: 25% (on October 17 M,
3.10-4.00p.m. at BR200) and Final in-class test
25% (on December 5 M, 4.30-6.00PM at BR200)
Students are responsible of the contents of
lectures, texts explained in class and required
readings (those in the Source Books). The second
test is not cumulative. Do not miss any test;
otherwise you will have no mark for the missed
test. Make-up test is agreed only to those who can
provide an official Uof T medical certificate
(submitted to your Registar).
3. Term paper 35% [method of evaluation:
descriptive (5%): analytical (15%) critical
reflection (15%)]
Typed written and double-spaced, it consists of a
reading report with critical reflections, of 6
full pages, composed according to Chicago Manual
of Style (15th edition or up) or MLA (Modern
Language Association) Style, on any two related
chapters in the Source Book.
The report should include 3 components: (1)
descriptive: statements about the chapters,
thinkers, their historical/social background, your
interest etc; (2) analytical: analysis of the
ideas, concepts and arguments of your main
interest in the chapters; (3) critical: your own
critical reflections on these ideas, concepts and
arguments thus exposed.
Due: October 31 M. It should be submitted in-class
on the date due, or in the mailbox of Prof. Shen
located at the Department of East Asian Studies,
on the 14th floor of Robarts Library, before 5p.m.
Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of
3% per day including weekends and holidays.
Extension will only be granted for documented
medical reasons.
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