LEC2- Platos Symposium-Natural Law Jan 13 2009?

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16 Aug 2010

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PHL243: Philosophy of Sexuality
LEC2: Plato's Symposium; “Natural Law”
Jan, 13th, 2009
! how can fact be relevant to what you ought to value?
! 3 domains
! sexual dimorphism
! erotic sex
! political sex
Plato's Symposium
! Socratic Irony: getting other ppl to admit their own mistakes
! Socrates view: if you do something morally wrong, its not because you have a bad
will, its because you lacked a certain piece of knowledge
! Plato's view: plagued by inner conflict
! Theory of form
everything that we see in the world is of one kind or another, and what it is
for this ephemeral thing to be a thing of that kind, is that it is a kind of
copy of an eternal perfect object
this realm of perfect objects exist apart from our realm
ie. think about the copying the alphabet, when you copy a message, it
depends not on the original copy but on the knowledge that you have
about how each letter looks like
this is important because Plato believed ultimate reality is something
which is absolute
lead Plato to think artists are BS ers because they are only making copies
of copies
when we experience love, we have this intuition of perfection
we attribute to the person we love, that are unimaginatively perfect
we are able to do this because we have some sort of memory of perfection
before we are even born
some knowledge appears to be innate
Socrates: you can never learn anything new, but you can recollect it (ie.
think slave boy of Meno proof)
! third hand, (art form) which Plato should disapprove of
! about drinking and intoxication which is a property observed in love as well
! the world in which this takes place regards the highest form of love to be erotic
! Fedros
! if you are going to have sex, pick someone who is not in love with you
! this is because you will be able to tell they like the way you make love and not
because they are in love with you
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