LEC3- The Natural Law Theory of Sex Jan 20 2009?

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Published on 16 Aug 2010
LEC3: The “Natural Law” Theory of Sex
Jan, 20th, 2009
Justifying P(a)
! think of palate-toung and spicy food example
Another possible premise
! Pope: married ppl should not get into sex too much b/c ...
! manufactured objects have clear answer to what their function is (ie. chair etc.)
! God's relation to us is like the relation b/w us and a tool
Looking at Aquinas Text
! teleological
! explain something not due to its consequences
! pulled along by their goal
! acorn becomes an oak is due to its own telology of the goal of becoming an
Article 1
! obj. 1 diversity of matter does not diversify the species
! Aristotle: every single thing is comprised of matter, form,
! matter and form turns out to be relative distinctions
! matter can turn into the form and vice versa
! obj. 2 adultry does not
I Answer That
! venereal pleasure not in accordance with right reason (not with right person)
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