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LEC 8- Sex and Morality Feb 24 2010?

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Phil Serchuk

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LEC 8: Sex and Morality
Feb, 24th 2010
General Remarks
Natural Law
! naturalistic observation to figure out the goal/aim of natural processes
! happiness = pleasure pain
! Act Utilitarianism < Rule Utilitarianism
! Rule: what type of rules should we set out such that if everyone follows the
rule the utility of everyone is increased
! from the biological point of view, sex does have a natural function = creation of
harmonious social rules
Virtue Ethics
! is sex a worthwhile thing to spend time and energy on?
Casual Sex vs. Virtue Ethics
! casual sex is different from promiscuous involves multiple times, whereas casual
sex can be simple one time
! in casual sex relationship you are more likely to objectify your partner
Kant & Deontology
! in so far as you are rational, you will act consistently on the same act in the same
manner and this is universal
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