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Lecture 10

LEC10- Sex Choices- Homesexuality March 10 2010

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Phil Serchuk

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LEC10: Sex Choices: Homesexuality
March, 10th 2010
Today: More on Sex and Morality
! gays shouldn't marry b/c it is a kind of cop out
Framework Assumptions: Ethics and Other People's Sexuality
! serve and protect are 2 different entities: De Sousa
! 1. what is good in general for the individuals such that all individuals can be
living in a framework in which they can thrive
! we need a substantive theory of human nature b/c we need to know what
humans are like in order to make rules for them to thrive
! 2. role of the state is to defend individuals from aggression and it does not have
any role to play in the choice of lives that individuals make
! we need only a minimal theory of what human nature is like
Consequence of Sex
! 1. Freud: either you have sex everynight and is exhausted or you do not and as a
result you can use your energy elsewhere ie. science and math etc. such that it
contributes in a positive way to society
! 2. libertarian idea (low degree of state control)
Sociological Facts
! free love = bad connotation while free enterprise = good connotation even though
both have free in it
J.S. Mill's Harm Principle
! each person's liberty should not be infringed in any way unless that person's
liberty is infringing someone else's liberty
! the main reason why we would infringe liberty is to prevent harm
An obvious Objection
! should I intervene if it kills you?
! supported by 1.
! should I intervene if it kills me? (by second hand smoke?)
! harm principle
! if it costs me (because of health care costs?)
Finnis against Homosexuality
! this principle will prohibit masturbation b/c you treat your own body as mere
instrument for pleasure
Note the reference to the “common good”
! this is not consequentialist
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