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Lecture 11

LEC11- Prostitution March 24 2010

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Phil Serchuk

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LEC11: Prostitution
March, 24th 2010
! what we want to say about sex are going to be driven by our own experience
! define pornography
! does pornography cause harm?
Defining Porn
! thick
! feminist and conservatives favour this definition
! this definition include whether the act is good or bad
! there is no debate on the moral value of the act, this definition includes a
moral stance
! thin
! a representation of sexual activity intended to stimulate sexual arousal
! in Christian, Islam and Jewish religion there is a prohibition to represent
! in other cultures, there is no such prohibition and the representations as a
result there is no hint of sex being dominating
Does it help to distinguish from Erotica?
! declension: self serving bias (use neutral/good terms for you and bad terms for
! we are trying to isolate the phenomenon from the evaluation when we try to
distinguish porn from erotica
! then we can ask what is good and what is bad about the phenomenon
Producer's Intentions/Consumer Effect
! if you were able to produce child pornography without using a child then the issue
of the debate is changed
! if porn acts on the consumer -> who is suppose to identity pornography?
! answer: censors -> but are they going to be corrupt by this?
! if they are not then why are the public is going to be? -> this is a paternalistic
Why does sexual porn and not other porn evoke negative evaluation?
! sex is intrinsically filthy
! sex is sacred
Why is sex sacred?
! societies are based on theism which is the basis behind the sacred quality of sex
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