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Durkheim’s Dualism
Biological versus. Social Self
Thinks the social self is a product of certain phenomenon/ Social in that we only see
them among groups of people.
For social self, conceptual thought is impersonal
With biological self, selfish motivations are concrete and physical (i.e. hunger, thirst and
Review ‘isolated individual’
Why think that one could never have an isolated experience
Why can’t a man rise above his/her perceptions?
1. You’re not engaged in rule-bound activity
P1: Using concepts entails following rules
P2: Following rules entails being a member of a community
C: Following rules entails being a member of a community
He’s supposed to explain our sense of what it feels for us to be divided
1. Practical conflict between egoistic and other regarding motivations
2. Cognitive conflict between perceptual and conceptual thought
Are there any important cases of internal conflict that don’t fall under either of these
other-regarding = impersonal. Anything aimed at satisfying anothers good.
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