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PHL245H1 Lecture Notes - List Of Logic Symbols, Propositional Calculus, Syllogism

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Erin Black

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Lecture 1
Introduction & Syllabus
Modern Symbolic Logic
Instructor: Niko Scharer
September 11, 2012
Tues & Thursday ES1050
Office Hours : Thur. 10-12 JHB 505
Textbook: Online
15% weekly assignments (online) normally due Tuesday before class
40% 2 Midterms at exam centre
45% Final Exam
Logic 2010
What is Modern Symbolic Logic?
Logic is the fundamental laws of thought.
Deductive Logic (Sherlocke Holmes)
- Truth preserving
Symbolic Logic
symbols represent words
symbols allow you to look at the core of the aruument so that you are not
distracted by the philosophical content.
o Allows for pattern recognition
Modern Logic
- Aristotle syllogistic logic
- Chrsippus propositional logic that anticipates modern logic
- Leibniz Possible father of symbolic logic
- Frege Father of contemporary logic
o Laid foundations for logic that we are doing
o Thought logic were the laws of thought
- Russel Principia Mathematica
o Source of system we will be using.
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