introduction to what is ethics?

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Published on 5 Oct 2011
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Intro to Ethics Lecture
September 12, 2011
What is ethics?
A branch of value theory
Usually have in mind the sort of ethics concerned in what is good
Some ethical claims
Lying is always wrong
It’s better to kill one person and save ten people than to let all of
them die
People are incapable of acting altruistically
The ultimate good in life is happiness
Morality is culturally relative
We have ethical obligations to animals
All things can be good in moderation
Humans are the source of all moral rules
There is no point in arguing about ethics
Features of ethical claims
Value judgment: two branches- non-ethical and ethical
No scientific of settling
No semantic way of settling; a semantic way to conclude would
be if you agree on the terms, you agree on the conclusion
Sources of Normativity
Voluntarism- authority given by God