eudaimonia tutorial notes

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Published on 5 Oct 2011
Ethics Tutorial
September 30, 2011
You need virtue
Friends who are virtuous
You need to be a male
Friendship of utility: friends because you can get an external
good from each other
Pleasure: based on a superficial pleasure such as drinking
Character based friendships: between two people around the
same age who are both virtuous
1097B23-1098A1: he gives his main argument for coming to the
main argument of virtue being the good life; there must be this
function of a human being that we can generalize and say is their
function, cant be nutrition because we share that with plants and
it must be unique to humans and what is unique to humans is
our ability to reason; he said it must acting well in accordance to
reason which is acting virtuously [function of the soul]
Aristotle on human psychology
Appetite, rational
Phronesis: virtue of the intellect that governs proper action; the
important virtue of intellect
Qualified pleasures [are neutral and don’t have much to do with
ethics such as eating, going for a walk, being with a friend, etc]
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